5 Tips for Sore Feet

by Christina Lasich, MD Health Professional

Lately, people have been asking a lot of questions about sore feet. How can you turn sore feet into happy feet?

Inspect: Even though your feet are a long way from your eyes, they are still important. Sores, bumps, and rashes can go unnoticed unless you look at your feet. Anyone with diabetes or another condition that causes numbness should inspect their feet daily. Some people have even had their legs amputated because of a small sore that became infected. Pay attention to your feet; they are the only ones you get.

Shoe Inserts: The more cushioning for your feet, the better. Many products offer shock absorption that fit into the shoes. If you are on your feet often or are a very heavy person, the inserts need to be changed at least every six months because the shocks wear out. Not only will your feet be happier, your entire body will be happier with some well-cushioned shoes.

Rocker Bottom Soles: Most people have never heard of this before, so visualize the bottom of a rocking chair. It is curved to make the chair rock. Well, some shoes have curved soles that allow your foot to rock gently from the time your heel strikes the ground to the point when the toes push-off. This rocking motion eases a huge amount of pressure off the joints of your toes. Hiking boots often have this feature, but even some sandals can have a rocker bottom sole. This type of shoe is great for anyone with an arthritic toe.

Ice Bottle: This trick is great if you have plantar fasciitis (pain along the underside of the heel). Take one of those small personal water bottles, fill it three-quarters full, and freeze it. You can roll the frozen bottle up and down the sole of your foot against the floor. This technique not only reduces inflammation, but also gives the foot a good stretch.

Steel: A steel shank or a steel toe is the best way to protect the toes on the job, especially for those who have occupations that require a lot of kneeling. When you kneel, the big toe is usually fully flexed with your full weight on it. Ouch The joint of the big toe will wear out quickly in this position. Over time, the joint develops arthritis (inflammation of the joint). A steel shank or toe prevents the toe from being crushed by your own weight or from being smashed in an accident.
Protect your toes or you will have sore feet.

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Christina Lasich, MD
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Christina Lasich, MD

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