6 Filling Foods That Won't Ruin Your Diet

Patient Expert

Whether you are dieting or just eating well to maintain a satisfactory and healthy weight, I'll bet we can all agree that we do not like feeling hungry. Of course, there might be a few outliers who absolutely love the sensation that hunger causes although I have yet to meet these particular characters.

Most people I know do not like to feel hungry and will not only make their dissatisfaction known, but also will dramatize the experience. The lament of "I'm hungry" quickly becomes the danger of "I'm starving."

That's right: starving. I can feel all vital systems shutting down and please tell those that I love how much I will miss them. Should they ask what did me in, tell them that I starved.

Unpleasant stuff indeed, but avoidable. Here are foods that can fill us up without wrecking our diets.


Oatmeal is not only a wise breakfast choice, but a pretty good snack as well. The less processed the oats are, the more fiber the oatmeal contains. All that fiber is filling and beneficial if you are dieting. Make it a point to avoid instant oatmeal because it usually has added sodium.


An apple a day will not only keep those pesky doctors at arms-length but also will help to keep hunger at bay. Apples contain pectin which slows digestion and promotes a feeling of being full.  Apples have 4-5 grams of fiber each and their antioxidants help to prevent metabolic syndrome.

Bean Soup

The high water content in soups makes them filling, but without a great number of calories attached. Broth-based bean soups contain a good bit of fiber as well as resistant starch that slows the release of sugar into the blood and helps maintain a feeling of being full.

Cottage Cheese

Cottage cheese has been a diet staple seemingly forever. There are even diets that center around pretty much nothing other than cottage cheese. Cottage cheese is best for weight loss if eaten in moderation as a substitute for other high-fat dairy products.


Provided you do not have it floating in a wealth of butter or some other high-calorie topping, popcorn is a good diet food that will fill you up. Three cups of air-popped popcorn has only 93 calories, but just one teaspoon of butter tacks on another 103 calories. Best to skip the butter.


Figs are a good source of fiber and also a satisfying remedy for a sweet tooth. They are an excellent dietary food and also a good source of potassium, a mineral that is useful in controlling blood pressure.

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