6 Les Mills Workouts You'll Want to Try!

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Les Mills fitness programs began in 1968, founded by a four-time Olympian, Les Mills Snr. He opened his first gym in Aukland, New Zealand and started cooking up innovative ways to motivate people to stay fit. He and his teammates soon came up with workouts driven by the sounds of modern music. Their workouts are energetic, intense, and help to tone and get fit, fast. Now decades later, Les Mills is an international group workout movement led by fitness leaders and intrustors, heralding the signature BODYPUMP workout formula, and others listed below. Will one of these soon be your favorite?


Let’s start with my favorite Les Mills workout Body Combat is a fiercely energetic mixed martial arts-inspired cardio workout that makes me feel like a fighter! I like to unleash this relentless attack on calories using constant movements through punches, kicks, elbows, and knees. My instructor said one-hour class provides more than 1000 squats and burns 737 calories! Unleash your inner warrior while you tone your entire body in Les Mills Body Combat.


Body Attack is a newer high-energy fitness class from Les Mills provides moves that cater for beginners to total addicts. The workout combines athletic movements like running, lunging, and jumping with strength exercises such as push-ups and squats. Try the one-hour class and burn-up 675 calories!

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If you’ve got rhythm then you’ll want to lose yourself in the Body Jam dance-inspired cardio workout. Each class combines the hottest new songs with the latest dance styles based on what’s trending in clubs. I’ve tried the class and learned I’ve got two left feet, at least when it comes to hip-hop. For those who can, grab a friend and dance away 530 calories!


Photo: Les Mills

Les Mills BODYPUMPBody Pump is the original Les Mills resistance workout training that strengthens and tones your entire body through the use of barbells and weights. I’ve taken the class and it’s a good beginner workout, although there were one or two moves I could not do owing to my arm injury** [Read** My Arm Lift (brachioplasty) Complication Grew Serious** ]**. That said, Les Mills claims Body Pump is scientifically proven to be the fastest way to lose body fat. You’ll do 800 reps in one class!

Les Mills CXWORX

Want washboard abs? CxWorx from Les Mills strengthens your core and glutes. Put it on your to do list 3x times per week and you just might be doing laundry on your abs soon enough! I sometimes take the CxWorx 30-min class at the end of my workout because weight lifting is not recommended afterwards. It’s also great when I want a short duration high intensity workout because it burns 230 calories in just 30-minutes.

[Read Rowing Your Way to Better Health** _]es Mills RPM**I’m not going to sugar-coat this: I hate cycling. But for those who enjoy stationary riding like you stole it, you can take on the indoor terrain with Les Mills ** RPM**. With hills, flats, mountain peaks and time trials, you’ll tear-up 675 calories in just 45-minutes of interval riding. Reach for the athlete within and discover new heights as you release endorphins that’ll make you feel so good!

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