6 Steps to Better Asthma Control

by John Bottrell Health Professional

So you've come to grips that you have asthma, and now you want to gain better control.
Here are five tips to get you started on your way to turning yourself into
the perfect asthmatic.

See your asthma doctor regularly. Too many asthmatics only see their doctors when they feel sick. A better idea is to find a gallant asthma doctor and make regular visits, no less than every six months until your asthma is controlled, and then no less than once a year.
There is no better time than the present to review your doctor situation.
You and your doctor must become a team.
Only by working with a gallant asthma doctor can you obtain perfect asthma control.

2. Avoid your asthma triggers. Avoiding asthma triggers is one of the most difficult parts of being an asthmatic.
Your doctor can help you learn what your triggers are.
Once you know what triggers an asthma attack, avoiding them may prevent your asthma altogether.

3. Take your medicine as prescribed.
Too often asthmatics have poor asthma control simply because they fail to take their medicine the way they are told.
Finding the best asthma medicine for you may be a matter of trial and error, but they only work when you take them every day, even when you feel well (especially when you feel well).

4. Create and follow asthma action plan.
Too many asthmatics play it by ear on how they treat their asthma attacks.
A better approach is to work with your doctor to create an asthma action plan. Such plans help you to decide what action to take based on the symptoms you feel.

5. Exercise on a regular basis.
Regular exercise, that includes muscle toning and at least 20 minutes of aerobic activity at least three times per week, is one of the simplest things you can do to obtain good asthma control.
Check out these tips on how to exercise with asthma.

6. Create a healthy diet**.
**Studies show that a high-fat diet may trigger asthma, and excessive fat tissue may cause asthma.
So there is plenty of evidence to suggest that eating a healthy diet is another simple thing you can do to obtain good asthma control.

John Bottrell
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John Bottrell is a registered Respiratory Therapist. He wrote for HealthCentral as a health professional for Asthma and Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease (COPD).