7 Women Who are Defeating Psoriasis by Blogging

Patient Expert

Blogging changed my life.

After living in shame for almost 20 years, I decided to ‘come out the closet’ about having psoriasis. It started off with a “suicide letter,” which was about killing off the parts of me, such as fear, shame, and discouragement that weren’t allowing me to truly live.  After attending a workshop on how to utilize social media to tell your story, I decided to start my own blog called Being Me in My Own Skin. There I give personal stories of what it’s been like living with psoriasis, and I also highlight the tales of others. For me, blogging is therapy, and has been essential in helping me living a quality life with this disease.

I would like to introduce 6 other strong women who are also defeating the woes of psoriasis by sharing their stores with others.

Just a Girl with Spots

Although her blog is called “Just a Girl with Spots,” Joni Reece is not “just a girl.” She is a beautiful woman with psoriasis who shares her story through her site, in order to encourage those living with psoriasis to not lose the battle with the disease. Diagnosed at the age of 15, she has been living with this disease for over 10 years and has experienced what it’s like to have psoriasis as a teen and adult.  Through her blog you may find entries about a new encounter with psoriasis, or a product review on a tool or lotion for psoriasis. She is also a new mom, which has enhanced her knowledge and reach with dealing with this disease.

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Fight the Flare

This is one of the newer psoriatic arthritis blogs on the block. Summer Scirocco talks about how psoriatic disease affects her everyday life, including motherhood. Diagnosed with psoriasis in 2013, just 2 years after her daughter was born, you can imagine that this disease not only affected her, but those around her as well. Summer gives a true account of what it’s like to battle a chronic disease while maintaining the life of of a mother. While the site is still under construction, you can check her out at other sites, and be sure to check for new updates:



City Girl Flare

Lori-Ann Holbrook encountered the itchy, flaky, patches over 20 years ago, but was not officially diagnosed until 2012.  Not only did she have psoriasis she also acquired arthritis - which affects 30 percent of those who have psoriasis. Lori-Ann wasted no time by starting her blog City Girl Flare, she gives weekly accounts of her health status, challenges for others to participate in, and even contest giveaways! Take a walk in the day in the life of an active city girl with psoriasis! Learn how she copes, everyday obstacles, and tips on how to keep the flare in life despite your disease.

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Seeing 'Pspots''

After encountering psoriasis just a few years ago, Brittany thought her life was over. Depressed and stressed due to her new spots, she started researching the disease and found others with blogs who were also battling psoriasis. She describes reading the blogs ‘from beginning to end,’ which encouraged her to live despite her disease. Finding the strength within,  she decided to start her own blog entitled Seeing PSpots. Here, she opens up to the world to express what it’s like living with and “seeing spots.” She also gives tips on what others can do to live a better quality life.


It’s Just a Bad Day

“It’s just a bad day, NOT life,” is the motto for Julie Cerrone’s blog, itsjustabadday.com. Over several years, Julie was diagnosed with 7 different diseases including avascular necrosis (AVN) of the knee, complex regional pain syndrome (RSD), prothrombin thrombophilia, depression, anxiety, melanoma, and psoriatic arthritis. Her diseases affected her body so much that doctors told her that eventually she would no longer be able to walk. That was enough for Julie. She decided to take her health in her own hands by living a healthier lifestyle by eliminating gluten, increasing her fruit and veggie intake, and exercising.

When I first met Julie she was on crutches, but now she is living a healthier lifestyle, and has changed her personal health for the better in a tremendous way! She no longer needs the crutches, and shares her struggles, tips, and methods to others to help them live healthier too.

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Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/itsjustabaddaynotlife/?fref=ts


Home Grown Houston

Sabrina Dreyer is our psoriasis crew fashionista. Some women with psoriasis find it difficult to be fashionable while having spots. Sabrina’s blog http://homegrownhouston.com/ gives women tips and ideas on how to dress fashionably and confidently with psoriasis. She provides options for the women who have decided to live boldly with the disease, as well as tips for those who want to remain covered, but fashionable. She also shares what it’s like living in Houston, being a new mother, a wife, and the daily happenings of life!

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