8 Moves To Get Your Quarantine-Bod in the Best Shape Ever

If you're stuck at home, that doesn't mean you can't work out. Check out these awesome moves you can do by yourself or with your family, anywhere, anytime.

by Jaime Galinsky Patient Advocate

Right now, your day may look something like: Meet with three clients virtually, conduct a sales presentation on your laptop, homeschool two children, and order a week's worth of groceries online. Welcome to the world of self-isolation, where you run your entire empire from the confines of your living room. There's one other thing you should add to your to-dos, though: Exercise.

It's kind of ironic that at a moment when no one's leaving their house, it feels like there's less time than ever to squeeze a workout into your day. We hear you, and we've got a solution. Check out this workout that can be done in your home, backyard or local park if it's open (bonus: you'll get your daily dose of vitamin D) that targets your major muscles groups in eight simple moves.

No matter what your level of fitness, these moves are for peeps of all shapes, sizes, and stamina. Plus, because we know some days you need an energy boost and other days, you need to chill the heck out, we're offering two versions of each move to suit your mood. (You're welcome.)

Whatever you choose, do 10 reps of each exercise before moving on to the next. Repeat the circuit two to three times.

Jumping Lunge With Core Twist

JGalinsky Exercise 01 Lunge

Make your sweat session more exciting with plyometrics. Keeping the upper body lifted, perform alternating leg with both knees bent at 90 degrees. Explode through the feet/lower body and land softly into the alternating lunge position.

Turn it up: Hold something heavy (a gallon-size jug of water, for example) and challenge yourself to stay balanced and centered.

Calm it down: Instead of jumping, take a big step back with your right foot. Bend your left (front) knee so that left thigh is parallel to the floor and back right heel is lifted off the ground. Twist your upper body to the left. Return to center, standing. Repeat on opposite side.

Tempo Squats

JGalinsky Exercise 02 Squat

Start by standing with feet shoulder-width apart, toes slightly turned out. Think of these squats as going up and down an elevator and making a pit-stop at each floor. While standing at full height you are at the third floor. Bend and pause at the second floor. Take it down and pause at the lobby (ignore the side eye from reception). Continue your descent into the basement with a deep squat.

Turn it up: Rocket out of your feet and jump straight up into the air. Return to a deep squat. From here rise back up, pausing again at the lobby. Finish standing tall. That's one set.

Calm it down: Remove the explosive jump.

Tempo Triceps Pushup

JGalinsky Exercise 05 PushUp

A similar concept to the squat, during this pushup you'll pause midway and again at the deepest point. Keep your hands directly under your shoulders with the elbows back to target triceps. Make sure your body stays in a straight line from head to toes.

Turn it up: Take a three second pause at each level to feel the extra burn.

Calm it down: Perform a modified pushup starting on your knees.

Triceps Dip

JGalinsky Exercise 08 Dip

Clearly we aren’t reinventing the wheel with this one. Just do it. These work. Use a chair, bench, stair, the bumper of your car—whatever you can (literally) get your hands on. Keep your palms directly under your shoulders with elbows targeting directly to the back with each dip.

Turn it up: Extend your legs and alternate keeping one foot off the ground with each dip.

Calm it down: Bend your knees at 90 degrees, keeping the soles of your feet flat on the ground.

Sit-up 1, 2’s

JGalinsky Exercise 06 SitUp

Channel your inner Ronda Rousey. Perform a full sit-up with a right-left (jab/cross) punch at the top. Keep your core engaged on the ascent and descent and extend your arms in a strong and deliberate manner.

Turn it up: Increase the combo with a jab/cross/jab/cross at the top.

Calm it down: Start sitting up. Sink back slightly (about 30 degrees), engaging your core. From here, punch right-left. Return to sitting upright.

Mountain Climber in Plank

JGalinsky Exercise 07 MtClimber

Ain’t no mountain high enough! Climb yourself to abdominal heaven. Keep your hands directly under your shoulders and keep the core engaged. Bring your knees straight up to the chest, alternating diagonally (right knee toward left armpit; left knee toward right armpit).

Turn it up: Increase the speed. Run that mountain!

Calm it down: Keep it slow and controlled. Take a beat in between, if needed.

All About That Booty Sequence

JGalinsky Exercise 04 Booty

This one takes some practice. Start on your hands and knees. Raise your right leg out to the side, keeping your knee bent at 90 degrees. Lower your right leg, then lift it straight behind you, toes pointed. From here, round the leg out to the side, away from your body, then bend your right knee and bring it back beneath you. Extend your right leg behind you again, and round it out to the side. This time, swing it back behind you, extended, then bend your knee and return to all fours. That’s one rep.

Turn it up: Add a three-second hold in each phase of the move, feeling the burn in your glutes and hips.

Calm it down: Keep a slight bend in the knee for the entire move until you work up to full mobility and range.

Curtsy Lunge With Lateral Raise

JGalinsky Exercise 03 Curtsey

Work your inner and outer thigh muscles with this cross-legged lunge. Start by stepping one leg behind the other. Bend both knees and “curtsy.” The front knee should be aligned with the front ankle without the knee extending over the toe. Keep your palms in a soft fist and raise the arms laterally to shoulder height with each lunge.

Turn it up: Grab hand weights (or soup cans) to take the lateral raise up a notch.

Calm it down: If the side-to-side motion of the curtsy aggravates your knees, simplify with a backward-stepping lunge.

Jaime Galinsky
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Jaime Galinsky

Jaime Galinsky wears as many hats as humanly possible — Reebok athlete, Les Mills National Presenter, Instructor and Coach, and her most important role – mom to three littles. Jaime got into group fitness in 2012 after having her second child because she found that it was the best way to be present for her children while fueling her passion for helping others enjoy fitness. She now holds her ACE and AFAA Group Fitness Certifications. In a previous life, Jaime was a Baltimore Ravens cheerleader for three seasons, while her future life includes growing in her career with Les Mills, being a Fatloss Foodies coach, and hopefully not changing any more diapers.