8 Ways to Cut Back on Alcohol

Medically Reviewed

Light to moderate drinking—such as a glass of wine with dinner—can be beneficial to your health. But those benefits are negated if you exceed recommended limits. Here are eight tips to help you cut back on alcohol:

  1. Write down how many drinks you consume so you’re consciously aware of how much you’ve had.

  2. Limit the number of days a week you allow yourself to drink.

  3. Always eat when drinking to prevent alcohol from entering your system too quickly.

  4. Plan activities that don’t involve alcohol, like seeing a movie or meeting friends for coffee.

  5. Identify triggers that prompt you to drink, and then avoid them.

  6. Plan what you’ll do if the urge to drink strikes, and say no without hesitating when you’re
    offered a drink.

  7. Remove all alcohol from your home.

  8. Remind yourself why you want to cut back on alcohol. Whether you want to be there for your grandkids or travel the world, take a moment to ground yourself on what’s important in your