9 Psoriasis Role Models You Should Know

Patient Expert

Check out these nine psoriasis advocates: Most are new to the community Whether you are looking for a guy to look up to, a gal to follow, advice from a parent of a child with psoriasis, or someone of color to relate to, this list provides it all. Comment and tell us who is your favorite and why!

Get Your Skin Out

When you first see psoriasis conqueror Holly, you see a face of beauty. But when you hear her story about advocacy and awareness of psoriasis, it doesn’t take long to figure out her beauty is much more than skin deep. Holly lives in London and is among the 10 percent of psoriasis sufferers who have guttate psoriasis. She is the creator of the blog Get Your Skin Out, an initiative dedicated to encouraging people with skin disease to embrace their true self through pictures. Also check her out on Health Central’s Big Picture!


Amanda didn’t waste any time to tell her story after she was diagnosed with a form of psoriatic arthritis called ankylosing spondylitis, which affects the spine and large joints. Amanda’s blog on living with a chronic illness is called Rannygahoots, but it encompasses more than a personal electronic journey. On her blog you will find stories of the everyday issues that someone dealing with psoriatic disease experiences. Her blog is so entertaining that you almost forget she has a health issue, which goes to show how our lives with chronic illness are not limited to our conditions. Find more about Rannygahoots.

Psoriasis Psucks

When you ask Sarah what her psoriasis blog is about, she might say that it “reflects more of my dry sense of humor than my dry scalp,” which is a description she gives on her blog Psoriasis Psucks. Her blog was among the first I found while looking for ways to cope with this disease and connect with a community. On her blog you can find witty, funny, but relatable posts about psoriasis. Although in theory there is nothing funny about living with this chronic disease, Sarah has a beautiful way of taking a tough situation and turning it into something positive.

Parent Fighters

Parents Jason and Rachel Litchen don’t have psoriasis, but their son was diagnosed with the disease eight years ago. After some research, they noticed there wasn’t a lot of support opportunities for kids with the condition, so they decided to start their own. These two wonder-parents brought the first Walk to Cure Psoriasis to Columbus, Ohio in 2011, which also included a 5k walk. So far they have raised over $100,000 for the National Psoriasis Foundation.

Frosted Skin Flakes Guy

Huy Ngo has taken a rather unique approach to psoriasis awareness. You can find him on Youtube scraping away his thick, flaky plaques of psoriasis with a knife with off-brand cereal-sounding titles such as “Coconut Bunches of Flakes” or “Cap’n Crust Berries.” His activities have raised some controversy in the psoriasis community. But Huy’s unorthodox way of raising awareness is working — he has well over 4 million views on his Youtube page.


Claria and Maria are the newest kids on the block for psoriasis advocacy. They just established their “Psoriasister” blog in 2016. Both are roommates who just so happen to have psoriasis. This dynamic duo’s blog is dedicated to women dealing with psoriasis and covers fashion, beauty regimens, body positivity, reviews, and much more! These ladies are teaching women and girls how to love themselves and be unashamed.

Aimee Stephanie Perez

Aimee is one of my favorite psoriasis advocates. She is all around beautiful. As a person of color, she gives a perspective of life with psoriasis that is often neglected and missed. Currently she serves as the Los Angeles Division Committee Member at the National Psoriasis Foundation. She works in her community as well as online to raise awareness to psoriasis. On her various social media pages you will find her showing off her spots, working in her community, or hanging with friends. She gives me courage to show off my spots, and I’m sure you will feel encouraged by her strength as well.

Psoriatic Pstandup

Chris Pettit makes psoriasis funny, which is a pretty hard thing to do. His motto is, “Psoriasis is a serious disease, but that doesn’t mean we have to take ourselves too seriously.” I especially love his work because you don’t find too many guys with psoriasis speaking out about the disease. Chris gives a great perspective of what it’s like to live with psoriasis as a guy. The best part? His wife works at the National Psoriasis Foundation, so he is truly engaged with the psoriasis community from all angles. Check out his funny videos on psoriasis here.

Alisha Bridges has battled with severe psoriasis for over 20 years and is the face behind Being Me in My Own Skin, a blog which highlights her life with psoriasis. Her goals are to create empathy and compassion for those who are least understood, through transparency of self, patient advocacy, and healthcare. She is currently a post-bach student at Georgia State University pursuing a career as a Physician's Assistance—her passions are dermatology and sexual health. Alisha also shares her passion as a Social Ambassador of the Psoriasis HealthCentral Facebook page where she shares timely tips, stories and insights on living with psoriasis. You can also find Alisha on Twitter.