A Day in the Life of a Headache

Sabrina Wirey

Pounding... aching... I must be driving her crazy.

She runs for the bottle of Motrin, but I can't be eliminated.

As she lies staring at the ceiling, I am the one keeping her awake.

Pounding on her temples with my iron fists, I make it impossible for her to think.

You may ask why I would do this to someone. Why would you cause her so much pain?

As you ask me this I am causing her ears to ring. She needs to lie down again.

As I create a whirlwind of dizziness in her skull, I laugh loudly inside.

She falls, like a boulder into her bed, as I continue to throw my shield up at the never ending waves of medicine coming at me.

I will continue this series of events until she gives up. I honestly don't know why she tries.

As her alarm clock goes off, I realize it is time to start my new day, and as soon as she stands up I start in again.

On her way to the bathroom I throw a wave of dizziness at her and she stops.

As she continues on, I begin kicking my tiny feet into her brain. All I want is to have the satisfaction of her defeat.

Slowly, she stops, heads back for (continued) her bed, climbs in and pulls the covers over her head.

A-ha! Defeat! She has finally given in to my painful cries for attention!

With my new found glory, I begin jumping up and down in her head in celebration.

She lets out a long groan and reaches for the Motrin.

Pounding...aching... I have officially driven her crazy.

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