A day in the life of a migraineur


A beautiful sunny day. I am pain free so I relish the light.

I feel the sun and the mild spring air caressing me.

I'm so happy, I can almost forget about my problems.

Then, it starts. My vision blurs and i am blind now.

I sit down, tears pour out of me as i wait the aura out.

I stagger along to the nearest bus stop, once again, I am forced to succumb.

I'm heading home.

I am a few minutes away from home now, will it wait to attack me till then? Suddenly, the familiar onslaught of pain on the right side of my head.

Immediately I am nauseous and light is once again my enemy.

Dizzy and in pain, I make it to the front door.

Blinds are pulled and I crawl into bed, eyes shut tight.

Pain makes me exhausted and I fall into tortured sleep.

Another day ruined, another day in the life of a migraineur.

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