A Migraine Management Story

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David Watson M.D.

The best situation for good migraine management is one in which we and our doctor work as true treatment partners, in an atmosphere of mutual respect. In this situation, rather than our doctor making all the decisions FOR us, our doctor reviews the options with us, then makes decisions** WITH** us. This isn't just the way I want to work; it's the way Dr. Watson wants to work too.

Dr. David Watson and I have been partners in my migraine treatment for several years now. To me, he is the epitome of what a migraine specialist should be. He's very knowledgeable about migraine disease and treatment, and he participates in continuing medical education on a regular basis. He doesn't have a set treatment protocol that he recommends for every patient. Instead, he takes a good history, listens to the patient, then devises a treatment protocol to address their individual needs.

There's more to partnering with our doctors and more to share about how Dr. Watson and I work together, but I have another way to share that with you. A HealthCentral crew went to Dr. Watson's office a few months ago. They talked with him and did some video with him talking about these things himself. I met them there, and did the same. The results were still photos, video clips, and text from the interviews the crew did wit Dr Watson and me, woven into a wonderful compilation, Managing Migraine: Teri Robert and Dr. David Watson. I hope you'll spend a bit of time on that page to read and watch our story. It's special to us and we hope it can help others.

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