A New Year Offers New Opportunities to Relieve Osteoarthritis Pain

Health Professional

A New Year offers new opportunities to feel better.  A new year may bring new scientific breakthroughs.  A new year may bring new technologies.  A new year may bring new resolutions.  What ever your new year brings you; let’s hope for less osteoarthritis pain.

This upcoming year we may see new breakthroughs in stem cell joint repair.  So far the research and results have been favorable.  More and more people are lining up to receive the latest way to turn back the clock on worn out joints.  Newer surgical techniques might also be on the horizon.  Although MAKOplasty might not be for everyone, the surgeons that stay on the cutting edge are the ones that will find better ways to rebuild a joint.

Cutting edge technology can help you to keep track of your pain.  Some apps can help you communicate with your doctor, keep track of trends and medication responses.  There are some Questions to Ask before Downloading the Latest Pain App.

May be this New Year will bring a new drug to try.  Even though anti-inflammatory medications have been around for years, new research is pouring into this area in the hopes of finding the next best drug.  Biologic drugs like Embrel have changed the lives of those with diseases like rheumatoid arthritis and Crohn’s disease, but where is the relief for those that have osteoarthritis.  Maybe next year will bring an answer to our prayers. Until then, resolve to follow an anti-inflammatory diet and next year may be your best year yet.

Along the lines of making resolutions for the New Year, you might want to consider eliminating those habits that do not help improve your joint health like smoking, soda drinking and risk taking.  This might be your year to Just Say “NO” to Soda and other things that can damage your joints.

This may also be your year to improve your tolerance of activities.  Certain strategies can help you improve your fitness, help you find new ways to do things, or even just change your attitude.  Wouldn’t it be nice to be able to do more next year with less pain?

Next year could be the best year yet because the best is always yet to come.  Even if you continue to have pain and to suffer, these weaknesses just allow you to be cradled in the arms of the Good Sheppard every morning when you wake up with stiff, painful joints.