A Rough Valentine's Day? Here's to a Great One Next Year ...

Patient Expert

If any of you ate chocolate this Valentine's day, most likely it wasn't in the company of a loved one. The odds hardly favor us being in long-term loving relationships, and a lot of us have just given up.

After all, we can be rather challenging to get along with.

Really? More so than the general population?

Maybe it's time to rethink the notion that we are not relationship material. Someone out there, after all, is bound to take great delight in our strange and beautiful minds.

The catch is finding that special someone. "Normal" implies there are a lot more of "them" than there are "us." I got an insight into this last year when I tried online dating. A friend of mine suggested that a more grounded type of woman would make a suitable complement for what I would optimistically describe as my essence of endearing lunacy.

Indeed, I did meet some very lovely and interesting women. Only they found me uncomfortably weird and I found them depressingly normal. My guess is these women were looking for a retired lawyer who played golf. Here I was, a fringe writer who played didgeridoo.

What I got out of the experience was that I was looking for a different type of woman, myself, a rare breed, an outlier. One outlier seeking a fellow outlier. You do the math.

That special someone, though, is out there, and when we do finally meet it will be a love story for the ages.