A Shout Out for Information about Meds

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Hi everyone

One of the things I would like to do here on My Depression Connection is give you more information about antidepressants.   Many of the questions we get here are about the meds and side effects, etc.   We have information on-site about the different medications but there is very little in the way of a way for members to share their personal experience about taking the various medications.   I think one can only glean so much from dry information taken from the manufacturer's web site.   What most people want to know is..."what is it like to take this drug?" and..."did it work?" and "were there any problems?"   Only other patients can answer these questions.

So I am going to ask you a favor and periodically I am going to ask you for information about a particular drug.   I will take the information you give to me and create a formal post with your comments.

I am going to begin with the medication called Prestiq.

On this site alone...it seems that this is the hot new antidepressant which is being prescribed to many of our members.   And I want to know what the experience is like.   If you could answer these questions...that would be ever so helpful.

What was your experience like taking Prestiq?

How long did it take until it "worked" for you?

What improvements did you notice?

What were the side effects if any?

If you quit taking this drug what was the reason?   And did you suffer from withdrawals?

THANK YOU SO MUCH!   Please do take the time to comment here...you will help others who want to know more about the different medications.   Remember, though, that one person's experience does not mean you will respond in the same way.   Everyone is different in how they will respond to their meds.