A Mirror That Tracks Body Fat

You may not want to try that “Mirror, mirror, on the wall” trick with this latest invention in fitness. That’s because, unlike that magical one in the Snow White story, this reflective glass will be brutally frank with you.

In fact, that’s the point.

The Naked 3D Fitness Tracker (on pre-sale for $499) is the magic mirror science has created that calculates and computes body fat and muscle data. People (brave people, in our estimation) can use this to track body changes over time.

The technology is pretty impressive. Testers report that the app’s time-lapse feature -- which enables them to actually see their body changing over days and weeks -- has kept them on track in their fitness goals.

And lack of technical acumen won’t be a viable excuse for not using the tracker. There are no buttons and no readout screens; users know where to stand because of a laser pointer in the mirror, a circle lights up, and that’s it. Everything else is contained in the app, which will be available for both iOS and Android.

A national survey found that 49% of Americans said they would like to lose weight, with 24% saying that they were “seriously trying to lose weight.”

Those folks will have almost a year to finalize their “before” pictures, though, because the company, Silicon Valley startup Naked Labs, doesn’t plan to start shipping the device until March 2017.

Sourced from: Medical Daily, Naked Labs' New 3D Mirror Doubles As Fitness Tracker, Helps Users Track Body Fat To Maintain And Lose Weight