Ab Workout for the Rectus Abdominis

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Let's recap where we are in our ab circuit. First, we learned the foundation for working our core; and that is understanding the  layers of the abdominal muscles  and how to  use isometric contractions  as the basis for all our abdominal routines. We've learned one really good exercise for working each of the muscles of the abdomen:

Stomach vacuuming isometric contraction to use in all our ab exercises

Planks to work our transversus abdominis

Side Planks and the Foot 2 Foot Crunch to work our obliques

I want to report my results from this ab circuit. I did the routine three times per week for one week and lost ½" from my waist What kind of progress have you made? Please post in the comments section below.

Now we'll learn how to work our last muscle group, the rectus abdominis, commonly called the abs. Have you seen someone with six pack abs? S/he has worked the rectus abdominis muscle.

The Rectus Abdominis  is the most prominent abdominal muscle. It extends from the ribs vertically to the pubis and is responsible for the washboard abs of very fit athletes.


abdominal muscles

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The Push Through is one of the best exercises for working the upper area of the rectus abdominis. The focus of this exercise is to push the hands inside the legs. As you push through, contract your abdomen using the the isometric contraction technique  to obtain the best possible result.

 **How to do the Push Through** Keep your shoulders and head raised from the ground, and neck relaxed. Put your hands crossed and resting on the lower part of the abdomen. Contract your abdomen using [the isometric contraction technique](http://www.healthcentral.com/obesity/c/276918/162490/isometric-contractions?ap=831). Raise the upper part of your trunk and push out with your hands as far as you can in front of you. Return to the starting position.  

Resting Periods

Between the routines within our ab circuit get into the Bridge Exercise Position. Contract your abdomen using the isometric contraction technique. Remain in this static position while resting so that you do not lose the tension the ab circuit has built in your muscles.

bridge exercise position

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And this completes our ab circuit. Up next we'll learn about sprinting.

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To view our ab circuit check the ab workouts listed below.  And remember to always consult your health care provider when beginning a new exercise program. Here's what to read:** Abdominal Exercise to a Smaller Waist Explained**** Get a Smaller Waist with Isometric Contractions**** Transversus Abdominal Planks for a Smaller Waist**

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