Abdomen Pain After Eating Late.


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Abdomen Pain After Eating Late.

Hey there! I have been having this abdominal pain in my lower right abdomen, which happens when I eat food late. Sometimes I just dont get to eat on time (2pm is my normal time to eat lunch), however sometimes I dont get around to have my meal at 2, and have it at 4 or even 5. I don't feel any different right away, but after 2-3 hrs, I start getting sensation in my lower right abdomen area, which is not bad at all, but after 5-6 hrs the pain starts getting worse, and I have to make myself vomit, which sometimes helps, but often not. I've been trying to avoid painkillers, but when I have to, in the middle of the night, I'll take 1 (2 at most) paracetamol or ibuprofen. I have no clue what this is, if there is a treatment or not. But I mean this shouldn't happen, right? Only because I eat a bit late? I've been having this symtome since I can remember. However, I try to manage it by eating a candybar or so, when its 2pm but I can't have my lunch.

*This also applies to breakfast, when I wake up after 10am on Sundays and have my breakfast at 12pm, which I have fixed by getting up at 9am, having toast and sleeping again. Rather annoying tho. Any info/help/ideas will be greatly apreatiated.



Right lower abdomen is more likely to be coming from your bowels (intestines) than from your stomach. It's possible that when you are rushed and eat late that you are sucking in a lot of air while eating which is causing increased gas. Your body could also be reacting to the stress that is happening. In other words, the question is is the problem that you are eating later or that you are under more stress? It could be either though the fact that it happens when you sleep in does make it sound more like your body doesn't like to be off schedule.

Right lower abdomen can be appendix though so if it gets severe or if you get a fever you should see a doctor right away.

My two best suggestions are to keep a food/symptom log so that you can see patterns. Perhaps you eat more junk/greasy food when you are rushed.This log will also allow your doctor to see patterns. And, lastly if it continues or worsens then it's time to see your doctor for a full eval to get everything checked out.


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