Can We Have Abdominal Migraine Only During Your Period


Asked by lanniel sophie

Can We Have Abdominal Migraine Only During Your Period

My daughter is 12 and for three time she has her periods she has vomiting nausea and she is really pale and she need to go to her bed and she sleep.

Fianaly we went to her pediatrician and she told us she has abdominal migraine and for me it was the first time a eard about this.


Hi Lanniel!

Your daughter could absolutely get abdominal Migraines around her cycle. In the article Abdominal Migraine - The Basics it will explain about abdominal Migraine and the symptoms. Abdominal Migraine is a form of Migraine seen mainly in children. It's most common in children ages five- to nine-years-old, but can occur in adults as well. Abdominal Migraine consists primarily of abdominal pain, nausea, and vomiting.

Hormones can be a big Migraine trigger. Did the doctor give her any medications to help? You can find a list of potential Migraine and headache preventives in Migraine preventive medications - too many options to give up!

For infrequent abdominal Migraine attacks, medications used for other forms of Migraine are often employed. These medications can include NSAIDs, antinausea medications, Midrin, and the triptans. The choice of medications is somewhat affected by the age of the patient. When abdominal Migraines are frequent, the same preventive therapies used for other Migraines can be explored.

Good luck to you and your daughter!

Eileen Gray