Abnormal Ultrasound/lump Under Armpit


Asked by faith1500

Abnormal Ultrasound/lump Under Armpit

hello my name is faith,i had an abnormal ultrasound they told me i have a abnormal mass in my lymphnode(ooh i hope i spelled that right) and that i need to see a surgon so i go tommorw for my consult; but i have noticed an lump under my armpit ,the same side as my breast it does not hurt but ive noticed thru out the day that my arm pit is a little sowllen like thicker ?? well i just wanted to kno what you think. even kno i go tommorw to get it checked out its just been on my mind and i thought to ask thanks lottsss


Faith, be sure to show the surgeon both areas that concern you. He or she may be able to do a quick biopsy in the office. You can read about the different types of biopsies the surgeon might do in this article on biopsies. The vast majority of lumps, even those that are suspicious enough to need a biopsy, are not cancer; so try not to worry too much. I'm glad that you are being proactive about getting this checked out.

Answered by Phyllis Johnson