Accepting an ADHD Diagnosis and How to Move Forward

Health Writer

I sometimes receive emails from adults who have been diagnosed with ADHD and are angry about the diagnosis. Some are angry because they weren't diagnosed sooner and "wasted so much of life" struggling and not knowing what is wrong. Some are angry because they will need to spend the rest of their life trying to compensate and overcome symptoms of ADHD.

Anger never gets us anywhere, it is the acceptance of the diagnosis that allows you to move forward and find solutions to the problems life throws at you.

Lene Andersen, an expert at (Rheumatoid Arthiritis) recently wrote about accepting her diagnosis. Part of what Lene says, "...without acceptance, you get lost. Lost in anger and depression and you cannot spend the rest of your life tangled up in the deep woods of regret."

For those that have difficulty accepting their diagnosis of ADHD (or any other medical condition), Lene's words ring true.

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