If I Accidentally Miss A Dose Of Antipsychotics, The Next Day I Feel A Sense Of Ominous Dread...


Asked by Donna-1

If I Accidentally Miss A Dose Of Antipsychotics, The Next Day I Feel A Sense Of Ominous Dread...

I try not to miss medications anymore. But if I do miss a dose by accident, it feels like something very ugly is brewing in the back of my mind. Something I can't exactly put my finger on, but something I definitely want to avoid at all costs. Is it common for something like this to happen with only one missed dose? It doesn't go away until after I have taken my next dose and slept a few hours. Are they early withdrawal symptoms or schizophrenia symptoms?


Hi Donna-1,

I understand how it could be that you accidentally miss a dose.

I can tell you that it is common and could be either withdrawal or rebound symptoms or just plain a return of symptoms.

I've read that even missing one dose can increase the likelihood of a relapse or hospitalization, that is how quick this could happen.

I'm like an old lady with her 7-day plastic pillboxes: I fill them regularly and I fill them in advance as often as I can. In other ways I'm like a hot mama: I have a collection of pillboxes I can choose to use when I dine out at a restaurant:

An oval white one with a lipstick design, a new round gold pill box with a rose quartz and rhinestones going around the edge, a blue ceramic one with the Starry Night scene on it, and a large silver pill box with compartments.

So I want to suggest you could make it easier to remember your dose by placing the pill box or boxes in a convenient place where you can see them. I keep my two 7-day pill boxes out on the dining table because I take all the pills with food. I hide them whem I have guests over.

I wonder if it would be a stretch to tell you that using colorful pill boxes will give you a psychological boost and elevate taking the meds to an art form.

Just an idea.



Answered by Christina Bruni