Ache And Itch In L Breast That Has A Cyst.


Asked by Rhonda

Ache And Itch In L Breast That Has A Cyst.

I have a cyst on my L. breast that showed on an ultra sound. I was supposed to go in 9 months ago for a follow up, but in the meantime, we lost our home and found that my husband has stage 3 colon cancer. Now my L breast is itchy and achy. not painful, but I'm always "aware". When I reach or move my arm across my chest for something, it is a little painful. This has been gradual for the last couple of weeks. Do I need to worry? are these bad symptoms? In 2000, they removed microcalifications that were benign in the same breast. I'm 54 with Large breasts and my sister had breast cancer. I have Fibromyalgia, so my bra has been hurting me for a long time.


Rhonda, I'm so sorry for your troubles. The last thing you need is something else piled on you, right? An itchy, painful breast might be due to hormonal changes, but it also can be a sign of inflammatory breast cancer, so you need to keep your eye on this. If it worsens - if your breast seems infected (red, hot, swollen, painful); or if your current symptoms just become more promounced and bothersome, then you need to see a doctor to rule out cancer, OK? Good luck to you and your husband - PJH

Answered by PJ Hamel