I Have A Aching Throbbing Pain In My Left Breast, If I Press On My Nipple I Feel It More, And Become


Asked by Brenda

I Have A Aching Throbbing Pain In My Left Breast, If I Press On My Nipple I Feel It More, And Become

I had never had a heart problem, and i fear mamo's, due to pressin, it feels like my nipple are goin to pop off....I cry everytime its done, i even passed out once while have it done. I complaint of the pain, but the nurse say they have to press down hard in order to get a reading...I was told by other women, that my mamo's should never hurt, and if they do ask to have a either an ultra sound or mri, or x-ray, and my gyn/doc refuses either or. I don't know any other route to take to find out what is goin on with this left breast. Im in tears right now, this aching pain is throbbing, and i can't even wear a bra


Brenda, if you have had this pain more than a few days, you need to check in with your doctor. You might have an infection that needs immediate treatment. Also, even though you have never had heart problems before, it is still possible that you have the beginning of some heart issue. It may be possible to find out what is causing the pain without doing a mammogram. For example, one common cause of breast pain is a cyst, and ultrasounds are very good at finding cysts.

If it has been a while since you had a mammogram, you would probably be surprised at how much less painful they are now than they used to be. The new digital machines don't need as much compression as the old ones. Of course, since your breast already hurts, no one can promise you a painless mammogram this time. Breast pain is not a typical breast cancer symptom, but if your doctor thinks you need a mammogram to rule out the possibility, then you will just need to keep in mind that the discomfort of the mammogram will last for just a few minutes while the pain of untreated breast cancer or late stage breast cancer would be much greater.

Do let the doctor know that you have had bad experiences with mammograms before and would like your fears noted on the prescription so that you can get an appointment at the best clinic with the most sympathetic technicians. I hope your pain soon clears up and that you are feeling better.

Answered by Phyllis Johnson