Do Dried Prunes Cause Acid Reflux?


Asked by Suzee2

Acid Reflex: Are Dried Prunes A Food That May Cause Acid Reflex?


The problem with foods is that although there are lists of foods to avoid it seems for most of us we have to find our own lists. For me, prunes actually seem to make me feel better which could be because 1) they absorb some of the stomach acid 2) they are a fruit which is better than eating french fries 3) they help things move down below which allows my whole system to work better.

But, for others they may causes excessive gas or the increase in fiber may slow their systems down.

The best way to determine what foods are causing issues for you is to keep a food/symptom log. Then you may be able to see patterns.

You can read more about foods and reflux here:


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