Can acid Reflux Cause pain Around the Heart?


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Can Acid Reflux Cause Pain Around The Heart Or Can A Person Get Gas Around The Heart.

Can acid reflux cause pain around the heart? Can a person have gas around the heart? how does acid reflux affect the heart.


The pain of reflux can feel very much like symptoms coming from the heart. This is why it is always very important to get heart problems ruled out before assuming it's reflux. Unfortunately, every year people die assuming they are having a reflux attack and take Tums where in fact they are having a heart attack.

But, once heart issues are ruled out, it is very possible for the symptoms of reflux to feel like heart pain which is why they call it heart burn. I know that when I was 18 and in college I had my first real symptoms of reflux and gas that caused horrible pain in my chest radiating around to my back. I remember thinking "I can't be having a heart attack, I'm only 18." Since then I know that some simethicone (e.g. Gas-X) and an acid reducer can quickly take care of these symptoms.

Good Luck - Stephanie

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