Acid Reflux Friendly Meal Ideas

by Tracy Davenport, Ph.D. Health Writer

Get Real Meals - Part I

30-Minute Get Real Meals is the name of one of Rachel Ray's cookbooks. She and I have become quite close (at least in my mind) since my son with acid reflux was born. Her recipes are usually simple, without sauces and a lot of spices, and obviously can be made quickly. I thought that I could save you some time and effort by providing you with one of our favorite dinner meals that seems to work well for all of us. Of course, you may need to modify the recipes below based on your own special needs.

Dinner Menu

BBQ Drumsticks

Drizzle 8 chicken drumsticks with vegetable oil and salt and pepper. Place under the broiler for 6 minutes on each side. Remove the drumsticks from the oven and pour BBQ sauce on them. The beauty about using drumsticks is that you can individualize them without much trouble. For those without reflux problems, you can make the BBQ sauce as spicy as you like. For those with reflux, try coating them with a mixture of oil, honey or maple syrup, and grape jam warmed slightly in the microwave. Place the coated drumsticks back in the oven and broil for two or three minutes on each side. Use a paring knife to peek inside to make sure they are cooked through.

Stuffed Baked Potatoes

Using a microwave or conventional oven, cook enough baked potatoes for each person to have one. The potatoes should be soft, but not overcooked. Cool slightly, and cut each potato in half. Carefully scoop the inside of each potato and place in a bowl. Add butter and milk, enough to make a mashed consistency. Then, add your favorite cheese to the mixture. For my son with food allergies, we add his canola butter, rice milk, and rice cheese to the potato mixture. Refill the potato skins with the mixture and broil for a minute or so until the tops of the potatoes turn golden brown.

Chocolate Cherry Bites

Put 4 ounces of chocolate chips and one tablespoon milk in a bowl, and heat slowly in the microwave, stirring until it is melted and smooth. Stir in a half cup of pecans. After spraying a muffin pan, spoon this mixture into the pan. Use a spoon to make a cup shape. Chill in the freezer for about 15 minutes. Remove the cups from the pan, place on a serving plate, and fill each cup with jam for a quick dessert. We use rice milk, and substitute rice cereal for the pecans, and it works just fine.

I try whenever possible to make meals we can all eat together, even though it usually involves substitutions for my youngest son. I have noticed he not only seems happier when we are all eating the same thing, but he tends to watch his older brother eat the same food and learns what a healthy appetite looks like.

Stay tuned for a few ideas for breakfast and lunch in Acid Reflux Friendly Meals, Part II

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