Can I Take Prevacid at the same Time as Vitamins and Bupropion?


Asked by Anonymous1976

Can I Take My Acid Reflux Medicine (Prevacid) At The Same Time As Vitamins And Bupropion?

Can I take my acid reflux medicine (Prevacid) at the same time as vitamins and Bupropion? I know I have to wait 30 minutes after taking the prevacid to eat. Also, can or should I take it at bed time? My doctor suggested a second mid-afternoon prevacid 2 hours after I have eaten, but sometimes I forget and have tea with honey and thus cannot take a prevacid.


This is a great question for your pharmacist. In general while you are supposed to take Prevacid on an empty stomach, it's generally because you won't absorb as much of it. So, while it may not be more effective if you take it with your mid afternoon tea, it should be better than not taking it at all.

Since Prevacid does not coat the stomach like antiacids, you can generally take them with other medications but if you need to take the Bupropion with food that would be another issue.

I generally take my Prevacid at night along with my vitamins.

But, again, you really need to talk to your doctor and/or pharmacist about this as I can only speak from my experience and my situation.

You should take a list of your medicines with you when you see your pharmacist. She should be able to help you come up with a good schedule. You could do the same with your doctor.

Best of Luck - Stephanie

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