Can Acid Reflux Symptoms Come And Go Throughout The Day?


Asked by mary mackenzie

Can Acid Reflux Symptoms Come And Go Throughout The Day?

My acid reflux comes and goes, I don't eat anything acidic, don't smoke, drink, or take advil on a regular basis. I experience acid with chest pain all heart tests done heart is okay. Upper GI done all okay, gallstones none. Still getting chest pain that radiates to the back. I occasionally get a prickly feeling on the upper part of my stomach. I am currently taking prevacid for about three weeks chest pain not as often but still occurring. I have been taking lorazapam which was listed as one of the meds that causes reflux. After reading your info I will be slowly discontinueing them.

THis is an excellent site most helpful one yet. Any info you can send me would be great.


I understand trying to stop the Lorazepam but if you need it, sometimes finding the correct balance between different meds is vital. I am glad though that you know to stop it gradually, so often people will stop drugs too quickly which can cause a variety of problems.

My reflux frequently comes and goes throughout the day and is sometimes worse on some days than others. I know there are certain things that aggravate it that I eat and I know for me some of the ups and downs are hormonal. Certainly, if we're having a particularly stressful morning routine that can make things worse for me. I tend to hold my breath and gulp air when I'm stressed which adds a gassy painful belly to the reflux. I try to be aware of it and stop it, but sometimes I need some simethicone (e.g. Gas-X) when it's at it's worst. When it's just a little, it can help me to eat something to soak up the acid such as raisins. These also seem to help move things along my system which is good because when things aren't moving so well down below, things up above are worse.

But, then there are days when I'm worse for no particular reason. Sometimes I have to supplement my Prevacid with Zantac on those days.

I am very glad you have also had cardiac ruled out. So many people make the wrong assumption that it's GI when it's cardiac which can prove deadly.

The only real advice, I have is that if possible try keeping a log of how you feel and when. What you eat etc. This might help you see trends that you didn't realize were there. For example, I knew coffee was a no - no but assumed it was the caffeine and since I was drinking decaf figured it didn't matter. Well, during a particularly cold week last winter I drank more decaf than usual and finally figured out that the coffee was itself adding to my reflux. I later read up that it's the acidity not the caffeine that's the issue.

Good Luck - Stephanie

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