Adderall: How Long In Between Doses?


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Adderall: How Long In Between Doses?

I have recently started taking 15 mg of Adderall (immediate release) twice a day. I take the first dose shortly after I get up in the morning (8-9 AM) but I am still experimenting with when to take my second dose and have it best serve my needs. Is there any way to have two doses last roughly 12 hours (without too much of a break in effectiveness) or do I need to ditch that idea and try the extended release?


Everyone reacts to medication differently so there is not any clear cut answer to your question. A lot of it depends on you and how you react to the Adderall. You have taken a good step by experimenting with different times. You might want to keep a log each day - noting what time you took your medication (in the morning and later in the day). Write down how you are feeling, maybe one or two words, each hour. This will help you determine how long the medication is working for you. It might help to do a specific task, one that requires focus, each hour and time how long it takes you to complete it.
You will notice when it begins to "wear off" as the day goes by, and once you take the second dose, you'll notice the difference. Keeping the log up each hour through the day should give you a good idea of when to take the second dose and whether the Adderall will last for a full 12 hours.
You mentioned that you are trying different times to see how you can get the most out of it, which should be okay as long as you're not taking the two doses together. It is recommended that the second dose be given 4-6 hours after the first dose, and not within 6 hours of bedtime (so it doesn't keep you awake at night).
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