Adderall Makes Me Sleepy


Asked by christen

Adderall Makes Me Sleepy

I started to take Adderall a week ago. The first couple days I felt good, but now it makes me very tired. Why?



Thanks for your question. People react differently to medications; some react quite well to one medication while others will find the side effects of the medication will prevent them from taking it, but many do well on a different medication. In addition, dosing the medication is also a matter of trial and error. You may need the dosage of the Adderall adjusted or you might want to try a different medication if the side effects, such as feeling drowsy, do not go away or interfere with your daily life.

The first step would be to talk with the physician that prescribed the medication. You don't want to change your dosage or stop taking the medication without talking to the doctor first.

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I hope this helps.


Answered by Eileen Bailey