ADHD in Adults

by Eileen Bailey Health Writer

The concept of ADHD in adults is relatively new. It was previously thought that ADHD was a childhood disorder and disappeared as a child matured. It is now known that symptoms of ADHD can continue into adulthood and continue to cause problems.

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Treatment for ADHD is relatively the same in children and adults. A combination of medication and behavioral therapies has been found to be the most effective. Some adults prefer not to take medication, using strategies such as organizational tools and reminder systems to overcome some of the symptoms of ADHD. Others use medication on an "as-needed" basis and yet others take medication on a daily basis. Your symptoms and your life-style will determine what is best for you.

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In addition to medical treatment, it is important to find strategies to help in everyday life. The following links provide tips and suggestions for overcoming some of the daily struggles of adult ADHD.

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Creativity, high energy levels and innovative problem solving are some of the characteristics of ADHD that enhance workplace performance. Some adults with ADHD also indicate their ability to hyper-focus allows them to complete more in a shorter amount of time. But some ADHD traits can make it difficult to perform well. Forgetfulness, inattention to detail, poor listening skills, hyperactivity, and short attention spans can create problems in the workplace.

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Relationships can also be a problem for adults with ADHD. They may be accused of not listening because of inattentivenes or not caring because of forgetfulness. Communication is a often a difficult area for adults with ADHD.

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