ADHD in Education

Health Writer

ADHD is not a learning disability, even so, it greatly impacts how a child performs in school. Your child might forget to do homework or do the homework and forget to hand it in. He might miss what the teacher is saying because he is distracted or daydreaming. He might know the work when reviewing for the test but completely blank out when it comes time to put it on paper. As parents, it is frustrating to watch your child try so hard and still struggle. It is even more frustrating for your child.

Below are links to lots of great information to help you both work with the school to create accommodations to help your child and to find strategies to help your child with homework.

Requesting accommodations at school:

Talking to your child's teacher:

Managing ADHD in the Classroom:

Helping Your Child with Homework:

Strategies to Help your Child Succeed in School:

Older Children in School: