Kids don't "grow out" of ADHD

New research from the Mayo Clinic suggests that ADHD often does not simply “go away” as a child ages.  According to the study, roughly 29 percent of children with ADHD still had the condition as adults. Additionally, 57 percent of those adults who had ADHD as kids had at least one other psychiatric disorder when they grew up, compared with 35 percent of the control population.

The study also found that people who still had ADHD as adults were significantly more likely to suffer from another psychiatric condition--81 percent of them had a disorder in addition to ADHD. .

The researchers said the study reflects the need to treat ADHD as a chronic disease with a long-term outlook, rather than simply as a childhood disorder.

Sourced from: Medical News Today, Children With ADHD Require Long-Term Treatment Well Into Adulthood