Do All Adults With Add Have Messy/cluttered Homes?


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Do All Adults With Add Have Messy/cluttered Homes?

I have read alot of information about Adults with ADD whose homes are basically a 'disgrace' because of all the clutter, and mess. I on the other hand cannot stand clutter, etc. in my home. In fact I get very anxious, even extremely irritated if there's a lot of 'things' left out and not put away!

For a little bit of my background, at the age of 51 I was diagnosed with ADD which in a lot of ways was great to finally have an answer to "what is wrong with me?" however, on the other hand, I always wish I would've known this years ago since it would've saved me from so many work, and relationship related issues!



Thanks for your question. One of the features we have started here at HealthCentral is "The Many Faces of ADHD" Profiles of people with ADHD are posted on the Share Posts. At some point, we will have a listing of the different ones in one place. Anyway, the reason I mention this is because just as no two people are alike, no two people with ADHD are alike. Disorganization is certainly a trait of ADHD, but it does not mean that everyone with ADHD is disorganized.

For some people, clearing the clutter helps them to feel their mind is less cluttered and helps them to focus on other things. For others, clutter is a part of life, something that will be dealt with on a daily basis. Others yet have found a way to manage the clutter in their lives.

Again, no two people with ADHD are alike.

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I hope you enjoy these stories and see that each person has their very own version of ADHD.


Answered by Eileen Bailey