Any Adverse Reactions To A Titanium Marker Clip After A Biopsy?


Asked by karen

Any Adverse Reactions To A Titanium Marker Clip After A Biopsy?

I am going to the surgeon on Monday and I will let everyone know what his decision is. If this problem is from the clip at the very least I can let other woman know to really think this over. I had no marks or discoloration on my breast and now I do. Its not only the reaction that bothers me, but having to expose my breast to strangers, whether they are drs or not. Its such a private part. It is embarrassing having to whip out my breast to show someone what is going on. Such a horrible feeling.

I did try to get coverage with the insurance, but the form they sent out to me had nothing on it pertaining to what I was asking for. I should have pursued it with someone higher up, but I have other illnesses going on, and I am just too tired to fight.

I called the company that made this clip to see if there were complaints like mine, they told me know. There recommendation was to try the Internet for help. Some help they were.


Hi Karen - I am sorry to hear that you feel this way. Myself I feel that after 8 breast surgeies, all the numerous tests, dr. visits, and radiation - that exposing myself is no big deal anymore. You get used to it over time.

I'm not sure what type of "marker" I have placed within my chest wall, but my breast surgeon put it in there when she removed the remaining cancer after I did not get clear margins the first time. It was something that she and my radiation oncologist decided, so it would make getting localized radiation more exact. I'm just not sure what metal make up it is. It's been inside my breast along with a tissue expander as I was going through reconstruction when my plastic surgeon found my cancer returned (cancer twice in a 3 yr period!). I have not had any problems with it, but I also know that it will most likely be removed once radiation is complete and I finish up the reconstruction process.

I hope for your sake you get to the bottom of this problem and are feeling better soon!

Best of luck to you!