Any Adverse Reactions To A Titanium Marker Clip After A Biopsy?


Asked by karen

Any Adverse Reactions To A Titanium Marker Clip After A Biopsy?

Hi, there was only a small testing section removed, very minute, done with a needle. The marker was put in place of where the biopsy was done to mark the place. This was done in case I did not have the films the next time and the place where the biopsy was done would be marked and not have to be biopsied again.

The insurance was a different policy when this was done. The new policy does not cover this hospital. It would have been so very easy if the new insurance would cover this hospital, it is not considered in network.

I am going to a breast surgeon tomorrow to have this looked at and removed. Both the GP and the Dermatologist talked and both believe this should be removed, and it is some sort of reaction to this clip. I am getting very anxious now.

I had said no to having this done, but I was alone at the time and got talked into it. I am so sorry that I listened. This is proof as to why one should never go have anything done by a doctor without someone sitting next to them listening and giving their opinion on the matter. Thank you.

Although I still would like to know if any reations have happened to anyone.


Karen, I don't have any information about the titanium marker situation. I've read about them, but didn't have one myself. I did have a problem with a change in insurance company mid-treatment. I filed an appeal with the insurance company explaining why I couldn't switch hospitals mid-radiation, and the new company paid even though the hospital wasn't in network. I learned from that never to accept the first "No" from an insurance company. I hope all goes well with the removal if that is what you decide you need.

Answered by Phyllis Johnson