Afraid of Clowns? You Aren’t the Only One

Scary, and sometimes threatening, clown sightings have been occurring throughout the U.S. in recent months. Most have been harmless pranks, but the sightings have led to school closures, official warnings from law enforcement officials, and several arrests. With Halloween less than a month away, some communities have even banned clown costumes.

Fear of clowns—coulrophobia—is common, and nothing new. According to some experts, there’s a psychological reason for the fear—even when there is no real threat. Altered facial features, brightly-colored clothes, unpredictable antics, etc., can make clowns scary, and even disturbing, to many people.

Clowns are supposed to make us laugh, but there’s nothing funny about the distress caused by the recent outbreak of scary clown sightings. In this age of social media, the pranks are spreading like wildfire, and everyone from the FBI to Stephen King is calling for them to end.

Sourced from: CNN, What's with all the clowns everywhere? 6 legit possibilities