Age Matters: Assessing the Candidates’ Health

When this year's presidential election is held in November, Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton--the presumptive major candidates--will be 70 and 69 years old, respectively. While age doesn’t necessarily determine health, it does play a role and we will be electing one of our oldest presidents in history. How much do we--and should we--know about the health of the candidates?

Both candidates have released letters from their physician stating that they are in "excellent" health. But presidential candidates have hidden health concerns in the past, and many experts think an independent medical team should provide the assessment.

The rigors of campaigning, which often include little sleep, frequent travel, unhealthy meals, and exposure to hundreds of people a day, certainly can affect health. Here's what we know. Both candidates have healthy blood pressure, Trump takes a cholesterol-lowering medication. Clinton has a history of DVT and takes medication to prevent blood clots, as well as thyroid medication for hypothyroidism. She also takes vitamin B12 and has seasonal allergies. Clinton usually eats a healthy diet, takes brisk walks, and practices yoga. Trump loves red meat and doesn’t need much sleep. Both candidates’ parents lived into their 80s and 90s.

Image Credit: Thinkstock

Sourced from: CBS News, Do we know enough about the candidates' health?