Albuterol And Migraines


Asked by babybluez07

Albuterol And Migraines

I have recently been suffering from shortness of breath. Once before I had bronchitis and pnenomia and i was prescribed albuterol for that - however when I did use it I got a horrible headache. so recently I used it again and now I have a HUGE headache. Does this contribute to migraines or bring them on? I definately don't need another medication to give me a migraine that is for sure!




Are you having headaches or Migraines? There's a huge difference.

I have asthma, and my rescue inhaler is albuterol. Yes, it gives me a horrendous headache, not a Migraine, every time I have to use it.

This is something to discuss with your doctor. Maybe there are options other than albuterol.

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Answered by Teri Robert