Is Albuterol Sulfate An Antihistamine?


Asked by Michael McIntyre

Is Albuterol Sulfate An Antihistamine?

I take 300mg of Niaspan every night to combat High triglycerides. My doctor advised me to take an aspirin every evening 1/2 hour before I take the Niaspan. I do this faithfully but about once a week I wake up with a bad case of flushing that lasts for about an hour. For me it is an hour of misery, extreme itch, heat. I also have a script for ProAir HFA and was wondering if it might alleviate the flushing symptoms?


Albuterol is a bronchodilator. It relazes the smooth muscles that wrap around the air passages in your lungs. During an asthma attack these smooth muscles contract, and Albuterol can relax them making breathing easy again. It is not an antihystamine.

Thanks. Rick.

Answered by John Bottrell