Alcohol Is Good For Asthma


Asked by francisco da costa

Alcohol Is Good For Asthma


Actually, up to about the 1930s alcohol was used as a treatment for asthma for a variety of reasons. For one thing it may act as a way to reduce anxiety or stress, and up to about the 1950s asthma was believed to be a psychological disorder. And some studies do show (click here) that asthma may "open airways or decrease sensitivity to asthma triggers."

A wise person once said anything in moderation is good. And while alcohol may effect each person differently under different situations, it should be noted that alcohol has a tendency to dry out your body (dehydrates) and thus your lungs and may act as an asthma trigger in that way.

Likewise, here is an good article that talks about sulfites in alcohol that might trigger asthma.

And This q and a discusses that some asthmatics may be sensitive to acetaldehyde, a biproduct left in your body after the breakdown of alcohol. "When the levels of acetaldehyde rise, mast cells release more histamine, and this can lead to the airway narrowing of an asthma attack."

Answered by John Bottrell