Alcohol and pot have different consequences

Results from a recently-conducted survey show that U.S. teens perceive alcohol and marijuana as having different consequences.

The survey was conducted on high school seniors between 2007 and 2011 and included questions about history of alcohol and marijuana use and whether either substance resulted in any of 15 consequences, including compromised relationships, emotional instability and unsafe driving.

The results showed that the teens who had used alcohol—about 97 percent of those involved in the study—reported more regrettable behavior, more unsafe driving, compromised relationships with peers and less emotional stability.  The teens who had used marijuana—about 60 percent of those involved in the study—reported compromised relationships with authority figures, worse school performance and having less energy.

The survey also found that about 25 percent of teens who had used alcohol said that it led to behaviors which they later regretted, compared to six percent of teens who had used marijuana.

The study suggests that teenagers may perceive marijuana as less dangerous, but researchers concluded that both substances are unhealthy and that parents should try to educate kids and keep them away from both.

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Sourced from: Reuters, Teens see different consequences from alcohol and pot: study