All It Takes Is One Cigarette to Get Hooked


More than 61 percent of people become daily smokers after trying their very first cigarette, at least temporarily, according to a study by researchers at Queen Mary University of London in the United Kingdom and published in Nicotine & Tobacco Research. The study involved more than 215,000 respondents from eight different surveys performed in the U.K., the United States, Australia, and New Zealand.

An analysis of information from the Global Health Data Exchange showed that 60.3 percent of survey respondents reported having tried cigarettes and among those, about 68.9 percent reported progressing to daily smoking. This finding supports increasing efforts to reduce cigarette experimentation in young people, according to the researchers.

The surveys did have some limitations. Survey results varied somewhat, so researchers had to estimate some of the conversion rates. Also, the accuracy of information may be questionable due to recall problems among survey respondents.

Sourced from: Nicotine & Tobacco Research