Can I Take Allegra D While I Am Pregnant?


Asked by Misty Carman

Can I Take Allegra D While I Am Pregnant?

I just found out that I am Pregnant and I have not been able to get in to see my Dr. I take Allegra D every day and have been for the last few years. Now that I am Pregnant I want to know if it is ok to continue taking it, and if not what can I take for my allergies??


Hi Misty,

First off, congrats on being pregnant! I wish you much happiness.

A good rule of thumb with medication during pregnancy is not to take anything without talking with your doctor first. The problem is, that most medicines have not been tested on pregnant women because researchers do not want to be responsible for harming an infant. So studies mainly are conducted with animals, which may or may not have relevance for humans.

As a result, doctors usually weigh potential benefits against possible risks when it comes to medicine during pregnancy. So, your doctor may decide it is safe to take Allegra and maybe not. The same would hold true of any allergy medicine, though. The only thing you could use with no worries until you talk with your doctor is a saline nasal rinse like the NetiPot.

So, be sure to talk with your doctor, OK? And stay healthy... for you and baby.

To your health,


Answered by Kathi MacNaughton