Allergic To The Moh's Surgery Absorbable Sutures.


Asked by Barbara

Allergic To The Moh's Surgery Absorbable Sutures.

Had the Moh's surgery on Feb.8,2010 with Dr. Ron Moy in Los Angeles.Had a terrible reaction.The stitches became very red and raised. Thought it was the steri strips.Turns out I was allergic to the absorbable sutures! Was told to put on polysporin (Had been using Aquaphor ONLY) which made it even worse. They then gave me a cortisone cream.The scar is taking forever to calm down and heal. I would like to do laser.Hate this red stitches scar on my face. Two questions.

Has anyone else been allergic to the sutures? ( which are animal gut)

How long do I have to wait to do laser?


Hi Barbara

I am so sorry this happened to you!

In researching your question this seems to be a rare complication but it does happen. Here is some information about surgical complications you might want to read and especially this part: "An allergic reaction to suture material is a rare complication. Hypersensitivity to chromic catgut suture is the most commonly reported reaction ; however, allergies to silk and nylon sutures have also been reported. Patients suspected of suture allergy should be patch tested to guide future treatment."

Now that you know this about yourself always tell your doctors this before any more surgery.

I would ask your doctor about how long you have to wait to do the laser treatment. They are the only people who can give you an answer on that.

Good luck to you and please tell us how you are healing in the weeks to come.

Answered by Merely Me