I'm Allergic To Percocet, Have Been On Hydrocodone For Several Years. My Tolerance Is So High


Asked by mysticcherokee

I'm Allergic To Percocet, Have Been On Hydrocodone For Several Years. My Tolerance Is So High

want to get off the hydrocodone 10/650 and my dr offered Oxy something or another. i THINK its the tylenol with the rest of the stuff in percocet that im allergic to. because tyl w/ codeine isn't good either, but acetominophine w/ codeine doesnt give me allergic symptoms. are any of the oxys (sorry for the slang, but dont know any other way to term it) safe, if i'm allergic to percocet or the tylenol in percocet? in a lot of pain and have cfs too. both going on 30 yrs and im 49. first pain mgmnt clinic ive gone to. currently on opana er 10, ineffective even with a pill of hydrocodone, and i think it gives me a headach. headache could be provoigil, which isn't working either. Lyrica almost sent me to the er with a migraine so bad it hurt to blink. hind sight is 20/20, but i cant believe he started me on three pills at once. Drs. tell you not to do that with baby's re food, so you know if thy are allergic to something. thanks, mysticcherokee


I'm a little confused. Tylenol and acetaminophen are the same thing. Tylenol is the brand name and acetaminophen is the generic name. They both have the same active ingredients; only the binders may be different. So I'm not sure why you could take codeine with acetaminophen but not codeine with Tylenol unless it has something to do with the binders used. Also, the hydrocodone you're taking has quite a bit of acetaminophen in it.

You said your doctor offered you something that started with oxy. The two "oxy" pain relievers are oxycodone and oxymorphone. The Opana you're taking is oxymorphone. Percocet is oxycodone and acetaminophen. Oxycodone can be prescribed by itself, without the acetaminophen in it, if it turns out to be the acetaminophen that causes you problems.

Since you can take hydrocodone and oxymorphone without a problem, there's a good chance you'll be ok with oxcodone, too, because they're from the same chemical class. But I don't know of any way to tell for sure if you can take oxycodone by itself other than to try it. If you do decide to give it a try, ask your doctor to start with a low dosage in case you do have a reaction to it.

It's not unusual for people with CFS to be sensitive to many medications. If your doctor knew your history with medications, I'm surprised he started you on more than one new med at a time. This is something you should discuss with him so hopefully in the future, he'll only prescribe one new med at a time.

Answered by Karen Lee Richards