Can Joint Swelling be Caused by a bug bite?


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Allergic Reaction With Joint Swelling Caused By Bug Bites Or Something Else?

My daughter had about 10 bug bites on each of her legs. On a Friday she complained that her feet hurt and were swollen, so we soaked them in Epsom salt. On the following Tuesday she came home from school with her calves covered in hives/bug bites. She soaked in a bath of Epsom salt and vomited. On Wednesday the hives/bug bites had faded somewhat and turned to small bruises. Wednesday night she had huge (2 to 3 inch in diameter) hives with a red center area on her upper thighs (both legs). Everything stopped at her waist. However, on Thursday she developed hives on her middle fingesr on both hands within three hours of each other. These were located at the base of her finger. The hives have caused swelling on her entire hands but has centered more around the knuckles. She is also swollen around her wrists. She has been in the woods and exposed to sickly puppies that had fleas. Her doctor ordered blood work to be done. We will know more from that later Friday.

Here is some additional information: The blood tests came back not showing anything. The doctor called what she has as vasculitis. This is a very broad term and not helpful. She continues to have hives break out on her body. She now has them on her arms and feet with more reoccurring on her legs. They still are leaving bruises.



You question stood out to me because of the part about joint pain and insect bites. (I've had similar problems.) However, it seems there is a lot more going on than that. I am not a doctor and can't diagnose her over the internet, but vasculitis is simply an inflammation of the blood vessels; I have even received the same diagnosis with before. Did your physician prescribe any medications or offer any advice about the environmental conditions you offered? Did he/she offer up any recommendations to return after a certain period of time? I would suggest contacting your doctor again to express your concerns or even getting a second opinion from another physician if you are not satisfied with the care received from the first.

Please do let us know how your daughter is doing.

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