Allergic Reaction ,Now Muscle And Joint Pain


Asked by raiderjazs

Allergic Reaction ,Now Muscle And Joint Pain

I recently had an allergic reaction to something...not sure if it was a food,cleaner,something in the air,etc.I've never had any allergies except for bleach.Just woke up with a rash on my entire body below the neck and cold chills.The doctor put me on Prednisone,benadryl and Fimotidine.Within three days the rash was gone but I was left with swollen achy hands and major muscle and joint pain.Actually even had my ankle and wrist kind of dislocate/pop out of joint doing simple things.Having a very hard time sleeping and when I get up in the morning,I'm in pain.I'm assuming that this is the way people with arthritis feel.It hurts in my feet,ankles,knees,hips,shoulders,elbows,wrists,hands
and my back.It lasts for hours after I get up,then subsides a bit for most of the remainder of the day.But as soon as I go to bed at night,the achiness starts again.Is this something caused by the meds or the allergy or what?I have stopped taking all the meds as of this morning,because I'm sick of feeling so bad.Any ideas??Thank you


It is really impossible for us to diagnose you from afar. I'm very sorry you're feeling so bad, but I would strongly encourage you to talk with your doctor and/or to get a second opinion on what's going on. The symptoms you describe definitely do NOT sound like an allergic reaction.

So, please... call your doctor!

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Answered by Kathi MacNaughton