Allergic Reactions From Mosquito/insect Bites?


Asked by karbon

Allergic Reactions From Mosquito/insect Bites?

Allergic reactions from mosquito/insect bites? This happened last summer from June through September. Every time I was bitten on the head or neck I experienced major swelling, redness and pain for at least a week. If I was bitten anywhere else it was like, well, a mosquito bite. It was bad enough to see the doctor several times last year. No answers. As soon as June hit - I was bit again. I'm convinced that it has something to do with my compromised immune system. I am currently taking Enbrel for my RA. Any ideas or similar experiences?

I was tested by an allergist this year - and I am NOT allergic to mosquitos. I have seen the mosquitoes that bit me a few times - I killed them on me. But several times I never saw the insect that bit me. Just felt pain, or blood dripping down my hairline and knew what was next!

Yes, I use an OFF fan, and bug spray. I use a daily combination of an allergy med (Alavert}with an acid reducer (Pepcid) said to ward off hive type reactions.


Wow! I have no idea what is going on w/those mosquito bites, but I think you should ask the doctor about it. I react badly to mosquito and chigger bites. My bites end up about four times bigger than most people's mosquito bites and sometimes I have to get a medrol pack to control the inflammation and intense itching they cause, but I don't swell up like you are talking about. I really sympathize w/your situation. Please let us know what you find out. Best Wishes, V

Answered by Vanessa Collins