Can Allergies Cause Severe Joint Pain


Asked by Craig Roberts

Can Allergies Cause Severe Joint Pain

I have bben having joint pain for about 18 months, no relief from pain or arthritis meds, got allergy shot for unrelated problems and joint pain was gone within 3 days, but after 6 weeks is starting to return. Can allergies cause severe joint pain?


Joint pain is not a common allergy symptom.

Allergy symptoms typically include runny nose, itchy eyes, sneezing, congestion and sometimes hives or rashes.

It is unlikely that your joint pain is caused by an allergic reaction. There are automimmune disorders that can cause joint pain and damage (rheumatoid arthritis is an example, lupus is also known to cause joint pain).

Check with your doctor to rule out more common causes of joint pain such as osteoarthritis or injuries.

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